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Spiritual Health

Alongside the struggles that we may have with the entire range of emotional challenges, there are other questions. These are the wonderings that are primarily spiritual in nature. We may question who God is or what God is like or why God is so seemingly unfair. And there is always the question of why God, if God exists, does not intervene in alleviating suffering. Supposedly God is good and supposedly God is powerful, so why does God seem to be so absent when it comes to our human suffering? However, we might think about these ultimate Spiritual Health questions that come from the hurts and struggles of living, they are certainly part of the conversation for many counselees.

Pastoral Counseling for Denver looks at human suffering from several perspectives. Certainly, the behavioral sciences teach us so much about our behavior and offer both personality theories and helpful practices in our challenges to alleviate suffering and assist in helping people flourish in life. Our specialized training as therapists equips us to be clinically competent. But we also look at human suffering from a spiritual perspective, always with respect for the beliefs of our counselees. We are committed to being sensitive to the ways in which people think about the ultimate concerns of life which are certainly spiritual in nature. This opens the door to very interesting and thoughtful conversation about our places in this universe of human existence.