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Most people go through life with a deep desire to find a partner – a “soul mate” – to share their life with. As children, fairy tales plant seeds of expectations of what “true love” looks like (Prince Charming, The fair maiden, The knight on his white horse & a damsel in distress). As adults, movies & novels perpetuate our expectations of finding “the one” who will complete us & finally erase our sense of loneliness.

We “fall in love” & commit to a partner. For a time, the relationship is intoxicating but romantic feelings quickly fade leaving us locked in a partnership that is unfulfilling, difficult and painful to navigate. We begin asking the questions:

  • Is this person really the RIGHT ONE for me?
  • Could I be happier with someone else?
  • Am I even IN LOVE with this person anymore?


If you have found yourself at this crossroads – as so many others have – we want to congratulate you!!! You are at the perfect place to begin building a NEW DREAM and a BETTER STORY for your relationship. In couples counseling at PCD, we will invite you to view marriage as a context for personal and spiritual growth – a catalyst for a better you! And we believe that on the other side of the conflict you’re currently facing is the relationship you’ve always desired.

We believe that “CONFLICT IS GROWTH TRYING TO HAPPEN” (Harville Hendrix) & that by working through the painful problems in your relationship you will discover deep truths & find deeper more satisfying ways of knowing both yourself and your partner. This deep sense of knowing and being known is true intimacy.

  • What if your relationship has a deeper purpose than temporary happiness?
  • What if your relationship is a mirror, designed to help you SEE about yourself?
  • What if the pain you are feeling & the problems you face are catalysts for change?
  • What if, on the other side of the current conflict, is the relationship you always desired?

If you are ready to write a better story for your relationship, we at PCD are excited to partner with you in Couples Counseling/Marriage Counseling.


Resources from John & Julie Gottman’s 30+ years of research with couples. Purchase books, Couple activities/games, DVD’s & conferences for couples.

Resources from best selling author Harville Hendrix – author of “Getting the Love you want.” Articles, books, Harville’s blog & conference information available.

Take the FREE Love Language assessment online now. You will receive a profile that tells you and your partner your preferred ways of receiving love. Download the App and sign up for the “Love Language Challenge” that will help you learn to speak your partner’s language and fill their “love tank.”

Read articles each week that will inspire you to stay married and give you practical tools for the journey.

Take the Couple Checkup assessment online ($35/couple). The Checkup will rate you & your partner on 8 key relationship areas – identifying your strength and growth areas. The Couple Checkup will also provide you with tools to begin strengthening problem areas.


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