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Anxiety and Depression

Many people seeking counseling report experiencing some degree of anxiety and depression.  Occasionally feeling anxious or “down” can be a very normal part of the human experience & a normal reaction to stressful life events.  Most people will experience these feelings as transient reactions to stress which gradually resolve as life stressors improve.  These symptoms seem to be our body’s way of sounding an alarm and letting us know that something isn’t right, signaling us to take extra care of ourselves.

For other people, however, feeling anxious and/or “down” can become a persistent & debilitating way of life.  Some people struggle to identify life events or stressors that may have brought on such feelings.  These feelings can seem to arise out of nowhere & can become very difficult to manage.  People living with chronic symptoms of anxiety and depression often struggle to feel happiness or peace, may struggle in their relationships & can even have difficulty functioning in their daily tasks of living (work, school, hygiene, etc…).

Since symptoms of anxiety and depression can be rooted in many different sources (our biology, our childhood history, our lifestyle, traumatic experiences, negative thought patterns or substance use), it can be difficult to know where to begin.  But you don’t have to figure this out alone.  Our trained group of counselors are equipped and ready to assist you.

If you are concerned that you, or someone you love, may be experiencing a mood disorder, you may find these two inventories helpful: Beck Anxiety Inventory or the Beck Depression Inventory.

Take the BDI Test Online Here

*These tools are not sufficient to provide a clinical diagnosis but are intended to help you learn more about anxiety and depression & decide if you should seek professional help.

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