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About PCD Counseling

Life is a journey. At times the way is open, inviting, and easy to navigate. At other times, life is fraught with challenges – some that can be anticipated and prepared for, others that require assistance. The highly skilled therapists at PCD Counseling are here when you need a helping hand.

Our Mission at PCD Counseling

Pursuing Change and Direction, PCD Counseling encourages the renewal of mind and spirit so that hurting lives heal and relationships grow.

Our Vision at PCD Counseling

PCD Counseling nurtures health and wellness in communities by offering counseling that is SPIRITUALLY SENSITIVE and CLINICALLY INFORMED.  Our staff welcomes all.  If one has spiritual concerns, our therapists are qualified to explore these concerns and help clients discover resources within their spiritual tradition that support their healing and well-being.  If one does not have an interest in spiritually integraged counseling, we respect that choice and work to promote well-being individually and relationally.  PCD provides counseling and psychotherapy to individuals, couples, and families from a wide diversity of backgrounds with a range of abilities to pay. We are able to offer our services at a reduced fee when particular circumstances warrant.

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Our Belief, Commitment, and Practice

At PCD Counseling, we believe that a person’s relationship with self, others, and God is interdependent. Life experiences may directly impact one dimension, and yet affect all three. Professional training in the behavioral sciences and theological experience help us to be sensitive to the emotional, relational, and spiritual consequences of significant life events.

If those we serve choose spiritually integrative psychotherapy, we commit to a productive dialogue with a person’s values and beliefs. In working together with clients, we learn to recognize negative life patterns, explore more helpful alternatives, and find the power to live more fully with self, others, and the Divine.

In our work at PCD Counseling, we use clinical skills and spiritual insights to help people actualize their God-given potential for personal wholeness, social justice, and compassion in community. In so doing, both counselors and clients grow towards the maturity that is embodied in the Hebrew term SHALOM (peace, wellness, fullness).

While we at PCD Counseling stand within the Biblical tradition, we respect clients’ personal beliefs and work within their faith frameworks. This allows us to expand our repertoire of godly wisdom, and to stretch our own original faith foundation – all to bless the lives of many.

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